On Emotion

A collection of articles on emotion.

The predictability of humans

The trouble with repressed memories

On Emotion

Why being sad isn't always a bad thing

Why catharsis is a (dangerous) lie

Learned helplessness is darker (and less understood) than you think

Why your unconscious isn't the bad guy

The five stages of grief are a lie

The five types of couple (which one are you?)

How our bodies treat rejection like physical pain

How reading (good) non-fiction books builds your empathy

Why kids can't lie but you can (the key to emotional intelligence)

Which Captain Planet hero are you (according to psychology)

The struggle to be good; early psychology

The 'love' hormone isn't so lovely

The 'truth' about social anxiety and just how debilitating it is

The 'truth' about panic attacks (and why everyone is vulnerable)

Why you aren't as happy as you could be

Why 'control' isn't always a bad thing (but can be)

Why OCD is a lot worse than you thought

Warning - you aren't in control of your behaviour

The four ways we learn (and how they limit us)

Why do we speak in tongues

The Difference Between Anger, Hurt and Hate—it's about power

Do you believe in destiny? Or growth? The rules that govern relationships

How to never get mad again (kind of) (part two)

What's an anxiety disorder and why should you care?

What everyone ought to know about Jealousy

Who else wants to know what the point of love is?

The five types of couple and the 'magic' rule for relationship stability

How to never get mad again (kind of)

What's Love Got to do With It?

The Types of Love - From Friends to Flings

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