"We should be able not only to predict what rats will do in a maze... but what a man will do under the complex conditions of everyday life."
- Clark L. Hull, Psychological Review (42)

Feeling, acting, and thinking, it all goes through the brain. This collection is about that funny little object.

Folie à deux: the madness of two

The trouble with repressed memories

Teenage brains aren't undeveloped, they're just doing something else

On Emotion

What lies beneath? The uncomfortably vague 'unconscious processes'

Honey-bees are smarter than they should be

Why catharsis is a (dangerous) lie

Alert - IQ scores are meaningless

Learned helplessness is darker (and less understood) than you think

Why your unconscious isn't the bad guy

Why being 'needy' isn't such a bad thing

How memory works, learned from a person with half a brain

Why do we speak in tongues

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