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More about the Newsletter

I send out a little site update every couple of weeks or so, depending on how prolific I've been. It's a list and description of new articles, a list of updated articles, the occasional note about something relevant like reader questions or website improvements. Sometimes I add interesting links to other stuff. I'll also include the full text of my favourite article for the period.

You can see the archive of previous emails here to get a sense. Although, that archive's only since the site changed to it's newest version in early 2020.

I currently use Mailchimp, although I'll probably change that since the mailing list is getting so big (and expensive). I also currently track opens and clicks. The opens because I need to make sure I don't have any spamtraps in my list, and the best way to do that is to clean users that never open the mail. The clicks because there's no option in Mailchimp to turn these off if I'm also tracking opens.

I do clean my list periodically. Not just because of spamtraps, but also because sending to disinterested people costs money and also often ends up with me in the spam box. Running a clean mailing list is difficult, and I only want to communicate with people who want me to communicate with them. I do have a lot of users who block tracking though, so if you're one of these people and worried about being accidentally cleaned, send me an email and I'll put you in a protected segment.

Troubleshooting the sign up

Sign up form doesn't work.

Embedded sign up forms like mine are annoying and play badly with extensions. You might have Javascript turned off or blocked. Mailchimp signup forms can also count as a 'tracker' and your addons might be blocking it. This one will look like "" or similar. Try turning off ad-blocking addons and such while you sign up, or try a different browser. Or you can just email me and I'll subscribe you on my end.

No email arrived.

Because I'm using Mailchimp, smaller private email servers will sometimes block my emails. Private servers often have stricter mail rules than big companies like Google or Microsoft (Hotmail), and Mailchimp IP addresses don't always have the most fantastic sender score. For example, my own mailserver blocks my newsletter. If it's a private server or a non-big-two-email-corporation one you might need to ask your IT person to whitelist the Mailchimp IP addresses. But hopefully simply whitelisting my email or this domain should do. Don't forget that you can subscribe to my RSS feed at the bottom of every page if this is all too much hassle.

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