On Culture

"We realized that the version of the world they rendered for us was not the world they really believed in... for all their... bitching about crabgrass, they didn't give a damn about lawns."
- Jeffrey Eugenides, The Virgin Suicides

Culture is the production of anything beyond ourselves. Ideas, constructions, art, music: our expressions of the human experience. It's beautiful, but also these expressions constrain us. This collection is about those expressions and those constraints.


From Zero

Eating well

On attraction and love


Voluntary Censorship

In praise of the sage

The Millennium Myth

From Zero

Existential Therapy

Eating well

A narrative of 'grit'

Genetics is nurture

Your personality doesn't belong to you

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Elemental Personalities

Female zealots

How we choose our psychic predators

Things to be worried about: hydraulic despotism

The true meaning of family ties

The loneliness epidemic

Teenage brains aren't undeveloped, they're just doing something else

Zone of Proximal Development

Why people lie to you (and you let them)

Annoying media trends explained by the propaganda model of Herman and Chompsky

Chompsky's 'Manufacturing Consent' explains everything that's ever pissed you off about the news

The absurd artificial divide that's making money off racism

We're setting goals wrong, we're missing the point, and it's troubling

Who was Plato and Why Should We Care

On attraction and love

The three reasons why everyone is so 'cliquey'

Attractiveness might be more about the environment, than about you

Sexual Attraction - What turns us on in others?

Why polygamy might be more natural than you thought

Four models of psychopathology (all of which are problematic)

Academic publishers - the biggest evil you didn't know existed

How reading (good) non-fiction books builds your empathy

The three aspects of the unique human experience

Useful stereotypes

Children strike back - Bobo doll experiments

Why do we speak in tongues

Do you believe in destiny? Or growth? The rules that govern relationships

There are over 2000 of us. Get the newsletter.
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