The Collections


Projects I'm currently working on.



A project that collects ideas around this site into a single narrative.



On the brain, and other brain-like things.



On the nature of behaviour.



On being better.



On coming together, big and small.

Digital Architecture

Digital Architecture

On our presence in the digital world.

Information Extraction

Information Extraction

On the critical management of information.

Spiritual Culture

Spiritual Culture

On those things greater than ourselves.


Foundational divisions in philosophy.

On (un)Happiness cover image

On (un)Happiness

On the things that make us happy, and the things that don't.

On Aesthetics cover image

On Aesthetics

On things that are beautiful.

On Being Fruitful cover image

On Being Fruitful

On working well and being satisfied.

On Culture cover image

On Culture

On the things we create, and how they create us.

On Ethics cover image

On Ethics

On conduct, ideal and otherwise.

On Friendship cover image

On Friendship

On the family we choose.

On Leadership cover image

On Leadership

On being the strength of others.

On Love cover image

On Love

On loving and being loved.

On Politics and Power cover image

On Politics and Power

On the ways people organise themselves.

On the Nature of Things cover image

On the Nature of Things

On the nature of being, of matter, and reality.

On Thinking and Reasoning cover image

On Thinking and Reasoning

On knowing things, and how we get there.


Projects I'm not currently working on.

The Dirt Psychology

The Dirt Psychology

Predecessor site archive.

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