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How your brain determines your religion (and other things)

Dorian Minors • July 6, 2015

This is an archived article from our predecessor website, The Dirt Psychology. The idea there was to take psychological scholarship and turn it into wisdom. The Armchair Collective tries to go a little further than just psychology. As such, these articles live here in archive form, until they're updated.

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Your cognitive style may determine whether you're a creationist or an evolutionist

Not only do cognitive styles play a part in how we view the world, they may play a role in what explanation for life on Earth we prefer. Not only that, but it looks like that cognitive style is heavily influenced by the culture we live in. What does it mean? Different people believe different things. Mind-shattering, I know.

Calling kids 'smart' makes them boring

The theory goes that calling kids smart stops them from seeking to become smarter. Professor Jo Boaler, at Stanford University, reckons that telling kids they've done a fantastic job is fine. Calling them 'smart' leads them into a 'fixed' mindset that leads them to not challenge themselves. What you want to do is encourage achievement in a way that promotes a 'growth' mindset. Can't wait to have kids...

New kids movie 'Inside Out' is based on science, not fairy dust

Speaking of kids, we all know that while wildly entertaining, Disney movies aren't particularly fabulous for teaching our kids life lessons (I'm looking at you Belle, you need to call the police, girl). But the newest Pixar movie on the block is all about psychology. Specifically the psychology of emotion. Emotions guide so many of our actions and Inside Out explores that in a beautifully poignant way. Bringing kids' entertainment back to the intellectual side. Gotta love Pixar.

Teaching happiness; teach with happiness

Do you ever wish there was a course on 'being happy'? Well, we're not there yet but the science of happiness is a booming industry. Check out these five books designed to teach you and get you teaching how to be happier.

Unlucky in love? It might really be you, not them

Attachment is something we talk about a lot at The Dirt. In fact, it's something any psychologist worth their salt will talk about a lot. Attachment is a real crux of any relationship. This article outlines five common incarnations of attachment styles destined to fail. Learn them. Avoid them. Be happier. Turning scholarship into wisdom without the usual noise and clutter, we dig up the dirt on psychological theories you can use. Become an armchair psychologist at The Dirt Psychology.

Turning scholarship into wisdom we can use at The Armchair Collective.

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