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thing one sits in for relaxing and thoughtful activity;


adj., noun

of, or relating to a group of individuals;

The word ideology is drenched with dark meaning. And yet, we are saturated with them. Beliefs, philosophies, and cognitive rituals thrust upon us by the tiny sliver of the world we inhabit and the people with whom we have shared ideas. These are protective—graceful solutions to an impossibly complex world. Yet, remarkably dangerous left unexamined. Ideologies should be chosen, not ignored. The Armchair Collective is about ideologies you choose.

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Land Acknowledgement as moral exhibitionism:

It is difficult to exaggerate the superficiality of these statements

"if [one is] going to acknowledge a debt, [one] should also pay it

there is nothing essential or inevitable about the ways we conceive of romantic relationships

Romantic friendships take some of the elements of a traditional romantic relationship – the desire for intimacy, the commitment to build one’s life around another person, and even sex – without having to take all of them at once

On the possibilities for secure digital personhood.


November 30, 2021

September 21, 2021

New article on Neil Postman's amusing ourselves to death now and then.

Updates to the predictability of humans.


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