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thing one sits in for relaxing and thoughtful activity;


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of, or relating to a group of individuals;

Today, the scholastic enterprise is a bit funny. It's about the pursuit of truth, but only for those who can read the articles. Facts for the sake of facts, without understanding. But knowledge is nothing except in relation to the way we use it; embedded in the context of our desires and coordinated in the light of experience. This is wisdom. And the best way to learn is to teach our future selves. So let's do that. Let's turn scholarship into wisdom we can use.



Female zealots

Successful Prophets

We're setting goals wrong, we're missing the point, and it's troubling

Honey-bees are smarter than they should be

On attraction and love

The false promise of a return to nature




A project that collects ideas around this site into a single narrative.



On the brain, and other brain-like things.



On the nature of behaviour.



On coming together, big and small.

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Female zealots

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October 20, 2020

New article on what might be the oldest and most universal religious impulse, and the crucial role of female zealots.

This one took quite some discussion with other academics and research well outside my wheelhouse, so very open to any input from classics or divinity experts.


October 17, 2020

Newsletter signup form made less obtrusive but scattered in more places around the site in response to a couple emails noting they couldn't find it.

Query string parameters implemented so javascript tab navigation remembers what tab you're on. Had quite some wine before doing this so do let me know if it's messed up somewhere.

October 16, 2020

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