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The word ideology is drenched with dark meaning. And yet, we are saturated with them. Beliefs, philosophies, and cognitive rituals thrust upon us by the tiny sliver of the world we inhabit and the people with whom we have shared ideas. These are protective—graceful solutions to an impossibly complex world. Yet, remarkably dangerous left unexamined. Ideologies should be chosen, not ignored. The Armchair Collective is about ideologies you choose.

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Having a concept of death, far from being a uniquely human feat, is a fairly common trait in the animal kingdom

High culture now functions like a counterculture, entailing a conscious act of dissent from the mainstream ... it carries more social risk than reward. Preferring things that are old, distant, and difficult to those that are immediate and ubiquitous means alienating oneself from one’s community, in some cases from one’s own family. It is at best an inexplicable quirk, at worst a form of antisocial arrogance.

a number of studies indicating that frequent fasting cycles may ... increase side effects and even mortality ... daily fasting/TRF periods of approximately 12 hours appear to be associated with benefits without known negative effects

Excellent review of the effects of intermittent and periodic fasting. It looks like all of these are strategies (including the usual 14 or 16 hour daily fasts) best used regularly, but not ongoing, and the re-feeding period might be just as important as the fast. From the abstract:

[intermittent fasting] lasting from 12 to 48 hours and repeated every 1 to 7 days and [periodic fasting] lasting 2 to 7 days and repeated once per month

And from the conclusion:

the refeeding period that has more recently emerged as an equally important process involved in the regeneration, and possibly rejuvenation, of systems, including organs, cells and organelles.


September 21, 2021

New article on Neil Postman's amusing ourselves to death now and then.

Updates to the predictability of humans.


September 8, 2021

New article on Voluntary Censorship.

A little pivot in the purpose of the site. It's always really been about this, but it's nice to finally have the elevator pitch. Only took a year and a half to get there since the relaunch of the site in April last year.

In that vein, having a go at summaries of the ideologies we explore on articles. Currently we have Voluntary Censorship and Predicting Human Behaviour. See what you think.

August 24, 2021

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